Cataract Consultation and Surgery Pricing

Your eyes. Choose wisely—and not just when it comes to choosing the right surgeon and best cataract procedure. You deserve costs that are transparent and easy to understand with no surprises. More and more patients are searching for cash pay cataract surgery options with straightforward pricing. Also known as “private pay” or “direct pay” surgery, when you pay for your cataract surgery directly without needing to worry about insurance’s red tape, not only is the process faster and smoother but you may end up paying the same out of pocket after adding up the copays, deductibles and patient responsibility portions of insurance “covered” cataract surgery.

Everyone knows dealing with insurance companies can be a huge hassle. Depending on the insurance you have, it might mean that both you and your eye surgeon have to wait until the insurance company decides to approve your surgery (or not). High deductibles, staggering co-pays, and surprise bills weeks or even months after the surgery are all unfortunately common when insurance controls all aspects of your cataract surgery. That’s why Dr. Brierly and Copper Eye Surgery have opted completely out of working with all insurance plans, including Medicare.

You’ve never experienced anything so forthright. Furthermore, with multiple payment options, you are likely to easily find the simplest and fastest way to get the cataract surgery needed to correct your vision problems. The options at Copper Eye Surgery are much simpler and faster than dealing with the endless hurdles of insurance companies.

What Does Cash Pay Mean for a Patient?

Cash pay at Copper Eye Surgery makes getting the cataract surgery you need and want from a board certified expert fast, easy, and streamlined. You and your cataract surgeon decide which surgical approach is best for you and when—not an insurance company. You won’t need to go to as many pre-surgical appointments when you opt for cash pay because there are no insurance hoops to jump through. If you want premium cataract surgery that’s quick and easy, cash pay is the answer.

$395 / $1000

$395 consultation or second opinion
$1000 cataract surgery one eye / $1800 both eyes same day

  • $395 for a consultation directly with your cataract surgeon, Dr. Brierly

  • $1000 for cataract surgery on one eye or $1800 for surgery on both eyes if the surgery is performed on the same day. The surgery center will bill your insurance company for the facility fee and anesthesia costs – or provide a private pay price if you prefer.

  • There are extra costs associated with additional services such as upgrading to premium lenses, opting for ORA or Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, or requiring unusual medications. However, less than 5% of patients need these unusual medications.

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Your Eyes are Worth It

If you’ve been worried you might need cataract surgery but don’t want the stress and anxiety of navigating insurance payments or if your insurance company has strict guidelines limiting who you can consult or where you can have surgery, know that you have options. Dr. Brierly founded Copper Eye Surgery as a strictly cash-pay practice with transparent pricing because he knows how frustrating it is for patients to feel under the thumb of insurance companies.

Maybe you are only looking for a second opinion before having surgery on your precious eyes. Dr. Brierly feels that important decisions require good information, which is why Copper Eye Surgery presents you with complete records of your extensive evaluation after every visit.  Whether you decide to have cataract surgery, post-pone surgery, or proceed with your regular insurance doctor, you will feel more confident with the knowledge gained from your Copper Eye Surgery consultation.

Your eyes. Your surgery. Your easy to understand and affordable cash pay approach. What are you waiting for? Contact Copper Eye Surgery today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brierly.

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